skybluewomen asked:

For your anon asking about watching w-league games, we haven't heard anything yet about what ABC is showing but it's probs just one game a week, there aren't any official livestreams but hopefully someone will put up a stream for US fans. It won't be possible to watch all Victory games though, just whatever teams are on TV that week. I'll keep you updated if any of that changes πŸ˜ƒ

For the anon who asked^^^
And thanks pal! Updates would be appreciated

Anonymous asked:

How can I watch the melbourne victory women's once it comes time for there season like it there a website or do people share links?

Great question! I’m in the states so I don’t really know to be honest, so I apologize. Usually as the season comes comes closer you can find links tho these games. Check the tags on game days. There’s no official stream to the US as far as I know. Sorry I can’t be more help!